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Molding Technology
With molding equipments, provides general molding, insert molding, B.M.C. molding to automobile manufacturers

Press Technology
With press facilities, provides mass-production of steel, cooper, aluminum, special non-ferrous metals to automobile manufacturers

Welding and Vacuum Metallization Technology
Glass processing for mirror production, high vacuum aluminum metallization and assembling in 10 torr vacuum provides glass processing and vacuum metallization technology

Welding and Soldering Technology
Possesses welding technology such as projection welding, tig welding and electric welding, also has soldering, fusing, cream soldering and general soldering

Air Pressure Utilization
Producing with fundamental technology of air leak test at high temperature and pressure, air flux at certain condition, opening pressure, closing pressure and standard load

Winding Technology
Molding by winding from fine wire to thick wire of entire automobile components, and producing product that manages load, withstands voltage and insulation resistance through epoxy casting

Assembling Technology
We manage assembly lines of molds assembling line, field coil line and bellows line

Material Technology
Efficient manufacturing process at new product development is achieved by utilizing various materials like molding materials, steel, non-ferrous metals, special press materials, forging materials, spring materials, wire materials, die-casting materials, epoxy, vacuum metallization materials, paints and plating materials

Production Technology
Shilla designs special jigs for new investment and organizes production process flows after process inspection. Also, we directly manage up-keep and maintenance of facilities, temporary automatization and lay-out relocation.

Quality Management Technology
We obtained human resources and appropriate management structure for the quality management of our automobile parts business by focusing on only a single business segment and building unique OEM structure. Credibility assurance strategy is designed for our various products, and organized OEM productions with our own testers based on test spec standard fully enhance the management.